Leo learns by doing

"When a blind child is born into a family, the situation is new and confusing. The parents have thousands of questions but very few answers.

DVD about the everyday handling of a blind baby

  • How am I able to do everything possible for my child?
  • How can our everyday life become ordinary, good and safe, yet active?
  • How are thousends of repetitions possible?
  • How to best support my child: am I overprotective or encouraging as a parent?
  • How will my blind child get as many experiences as the seeing child?"

These questions are answered in this DVD "LEO LEARNS BY DOING" about the everyday handling of a blind baby.

The tips on this DVD about the handling of a blind child suit most parents with an infant, therapists and those involved with the family. The information given also supports parent-child interaction.

The DVD's length is 17minutes.


Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired
Children's Rehab
+358-9-396 041


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